3G termination requires phone replacement in Japan

Japanese cellular carriers, Docomo, KDDI and Softbank plan to terminate 3G service. 3G termination affects not only for 3G users but also for others. This article explains who will be affected by 3G termination and what options the affected users should take.

What is Wi-Fi6 equipped in iPhone11?

Wi-Fi6 equipped in iPhone6 is drastically improved from the former WI-Fi specification. This article describes basis of WI-Fi6 and comparison between WI-FI6 and other Wi-Fi specification.

What’s a private LTE? Easier than local 5G

What is private LTE? This article describes basis of private LTE including several technologies as well as the market situation in Japan.

What is Sigfox? How is it expanding in Japan ?

What is Sigfox ? How is it in Japan ? This article describes basis of Sigfox including characteristics, service area and use cases as well as future expectation in Japan.

What is 5G Standalone (SA) / When will it start in Japan ?

Existing 5G service launched from 2018 is NOT real 5G. This article describes basis of Standalone(SA) for full scale 5G services and explains when SA will be launched in Japan.

Rakuten Mobile, No speed or data limit ! All-you-can-use data !

How is the Rakuten Mobile's coverage area, plan and services ? How about types of smartphones to be used ? This articles describes what Rakuten Mobile has done for mobile services and been serving.

What is LPWA? Compare major 5 technologies

What is LPWA ? This articles describes basis of LPWA and compares 5 major LPWA technology, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN and 802.11ah(Wi-Fi HaLow)

What is eSIM? iPhone starts eSIM support

What is eSIM iPhone supports ? It would be benefit to understand eSIM mechanism and utilize eSIM wiht iPhone or a smartphone. This article describes basis of eSIM as well as benefit and future business expectation in Japan.

What is 5G ?

5G is not merely extension of 4G LTE. 5G has 3 major characteristics to be understood for 5G business. This article describes basis of 5G including 3 major characteristics.